CityLights is experimenting with new monthly rhythms for gathering. Join us for Home Gatherings on the first two Sundays of the month and Celebration Gatherings on the last two (or three) Sundays. This rhythm isn’t ordinary but it’s beneficial and intentional for at least three reasons:

  • It reminds us of our vision which involves decentralization and multiplication. Having numerous Home Gatherings allows for diverse expressions in diverse neighbourhoods. Gospel lights, everywhere.
  • Church isn’t just an event we attend but a people we are a part of. God created us to be in relationship and living rooms are a great place for community to grow.  
  • Stewardship of energy and focus. We want to give energy not only to Sunday ministry but everyday ministry. Fewer Celebration Gatherings allows energy to go elsewhere.

Celebration Gatherings

These Gatherings occur at the 34Ten Centre from 10am to 12pm on the 3rd, 4th (and 5th) Sundays of the month. They are similar to what one expects: music, teaching, stories, and a great kids program. If you are new to CityLights, a Celebration Gathering is a great place to start.

Home Gatherings

Home Gatherings occur on the 1st and 2nd Sundays of the month. These Gatherings are facilitated by our Missional Communities and hosted in various locations. They are simple with Bible discussion, communion, stories, and prayer.

We see Jesus meeting in people’ homes, sharing meals, experiencing hospitality.  Meaningful time can be shared in simple environments.  We have found that some friends aren’t necessarily open to “going” to church but will engage with a Home Gathering.

Ready to connect with a home gathering?

Gospel lights, everywhere.

Sunday Gatherings are the launching pad not the finish line of our ministry. We are ordinary people joining Jesus in saturating Greater Vancouver because Jesus loves everyone, everywhere. Find out more about our vision and why we do what we do.

More than Sundays.

There are various discipleship environments “vehicles” that help move us along towards maturity in the ways of Jesus. Sunday Gatherings are one vehicle but there are others. Missional Communities + Sunday Gatherings + D-Groups all work together to get us where we're going.

Following Jesus brings life to our whole life.  He shapes Sunday and everyday. You are welcome to engage one step at a time, but there is a lot beyond Sunday.

Ready to connect beyond Sunday?