Join our team.

We are multiplying disciples who make Jesus known in everyday life so that we can participate in Gospel Saturation in our region and beyond.  You could join our team.  We have paid, non-paid/fundraised, and apprenticeship opportunities.  There are also really simple ways to serve.

Current Job Opportunities — paid

Apprenticeship Opportunities — fundraised or non-paid

Apprenticeships are for those wanting to be discipled in ministry and missionary leadership for a season of 9 to 18 months, dedicating approximately 15 hours weekly. It's fitting for university students, retirees, a gap year, or one who feels called towards starting a micro church or bi-vocational ministry.

Non-paid or fundraised ministry team roles typically involve first being a part of CityLights.  They are specific ministry roles that involve some skill and capacity and could be done in a volunteer capacity with the opportunity to fundraise one's wage.