What is CityLights Partnership?
Partnership is similar to our version of membership. It’s built off the biblical word “fellowship” which refers to working together for a shared purpose and vision.  That’s what Paul has in mind when he speaks to the Philippians of their “partnership [fellowship] in the gospel” (Philippians 1:3).

Partners are committed to relationship, they serve, they give, they are not just watching the game but are on the team so-to-speak.  Partnership is a relational commitment that stems from the biblical concept of fellowship.

Partnership involves five shared commitments:
  • Shared Guiding Mission + Vision (Our Why)
  • Shared Gospel Identity (Our Who)
  • Shared Gospel Vehicles (Our What)
  • Shared Gospel Values, Voyage, and Vocabulary (Our How)
  • Shared Foundational Theology

We are partnering and choosing to align ourselves to each other to join Jesus ministry and mission together.  We are saying you can count on me and I can count on you.

How does one become a Partner?
Our Step Three Partnership Learning Cohort goes over Partnership in detail.  Before participating in that cohort to consider Partnership there are a few prerequisites.

Partnership Pre-requisites:
  • You are a follower of Jesus committed to walking in the ways of Jesus.
  • You have completed the Step Two Establish Learning Cohort.
  • You are an active part of a Missional Community.

Interested in pursuing Partnership with CityLights Church? Contact us to discuss your next steps.