Sharing life and bringing life.

Missional Communities are mid-sized spiritual families, led by ordinary people, who are committed to bringing light, multiplying disciples, and owning the mission of Jesus together within a specific relational context.

What is a Missional Community?

What we do stems from our identity as a Jesus-centered family of sent servants. Missional Communities are the primary way we live out our identity by sharing life as a Jesus-centred family and bringing life to others as sent servants.

What does a Missional Community do?

Missional Communities enjoy sharing food, hanging out, inviting others into community, praying, celebrating and more. Missional Community is not a meeting or event to attend, but a sent family to participate with. Missional Community is not a Bible study, though the Bible may be studied. Missional Community is not a small group or a care group, though it may be smaller and people do care for each other.

What is the goal of a Missional Community?

The goal of a Missional Community is to bring life and share life, so each MC chooses a people that they intend to serve with the hope of showing and sharing the love of Jesus and making things better. This may be a neighbourhood, a people group, or a subculture of the city.

Missional Communities in action.

These stories give a glimpse into the way God can move through communities of people on mission...

Interested in joining a Missional Community?

Before joining a Missional Community we want to know you and want you to know us so we can explore how to support you in Joining Jesus' ministry and ensure there is a good fit.  We invite you to join our upcoming Step One Explore Learning Cohort to explore what we are about and what it could look like for you to follow Jesus with us.

Ready to connect beyond the Sunday Gathering?

Here are a few next steps to help you engage...
1  Next Steps Orientation Class.
2  Step One Explore Learning Cohort.
3  Test drive a serving role.
4  Step Two Establish Learning Cohort.