Sharing life and bringing life.

Missional Communities are mid-sized spiritual families, led by ordinary people, who are committed to owning the mission of Jesus together within a specific relational context in order to bring light and multiply disciples.
What is a Missional Community?
What we do stems from our identity as a Jesus-centered family of sent servants. Missional Communities are the primary way we live out our identity by sharing life as a Jesus-centred family and bringing life to others as sent servants.

What does a Missional Community do?
Missional Communities enjoy sharing food, hanging out, inviting others into community, praying, celebrating and more. Missional Community is not a meeting or event to attend, but a sent family to participate with. Missional Community is not a Bible study, though the Bible may be studied. Missional Community is not a small group or a care group, though it may be smaller and people do care for each other.

What is the goal of a Missional Community?
The goal of a Missional Community is to bring life and share life, so each MC chooses a people that they intend to serve with the hope of showing and sharing the love of Jesus and making things better. This may be a neighbourhood, a people group, or a subculture of the city.
Are you interested in being part of a Missional Community?
Register here and we will follow-up when there is an opportunity to engage.