The 2nd Step of our Discipleship Pathway | establish Disciple(making) rhythms in your everyday life
We've created THIS Primer for you to go through BEFORE registering for Step 2.  

This cohort is designed to help you grow as a disciple of Jesus.  We want to help you establish rhythms that help you flourish in Jesus as well as missionary rhythms so you can help others know Jesus.

This cohort helps us  establish rhythms that will mature us as reproducing disciples.

As we walk through content, our focus will be on hearing and obeying. The aim is not knowledge based discipleship but obedience based discipleship.  More than merely learning new content, we want to take new steps of faith-filled obedience.


Have you completed the Step 2 PRIMER?  Registration for this learning cohort will be available to you at the end of the Primer.

Not a part of CityLights Church?  That is okay! While our content has been created for CityLights Church, we are seeing a desire from many christians to grow in knowing Jesus and making him known.  You do not need to be a part of our church to walk through this online journey with us.  We encourage you to live fully for Jesus in the community you are rooted in. 

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Next session will be Spring 2024!
We want to grow in:
  1. Surrendering to Jesus as Lord 
  2. Extraordinary prayer and fasting
  3. Living as a missionary
  4. Planting the gospel
  5. Starting Groups
  6. Seeing Spiritual Family Emerging + multiplication occurring.
The movement of disciple-making follows a path that we see in Jesus' ministry, disciple-making movements throughout history and around the world.