Vehicles are the organized ways we join together and move in the same direction. They are how we live out our identity and know Jesus and make him known together. These vehicles are all important in getting us to where we want to go.

Missional Communities

A mid-sized spiritual family, led by ordinary people, who are committed to owning the mission of Jesus together within a specific relational context in order to bring light and multiply disciples.

Sunday Gatherings

This is an opportunity for the whole church to gather and worship Jesus in a variety of ways. This is a time of growth, encouragement, challenge and fun. Our Sunday Gatherings currently look a little different. Find out more here...

Serving Teams

Serving roles at our Sunday gatherings are an opportunity way to live out our servant identity. These teams enable our church family to flourish and impact our region. There are practical responsibilities in any family, and a church family is no different.
If we moved to another country with the aim of knowing Jesus and making him known, what would we do?  We would engage in the everyday rhythms of life with with Jesus-centred intentionality. We would seek to develop relationships, learn stories, love and serve others, meet needs, create community, have fun, and seek to show and share Jesus in small and big ways.  We would work alongside other Jesus-followers and we would pray a lot.
We want to live our lives like this — intentionally living out our identity as we participate in the everyday rhythms of life with the aim of knowing Jesus and making him known.