Our vision is gospel saturation:

A gospel light on every block and building, and a gospel community shining bright in every relational network so that all people experience Jesus.

Our region has over 3,000,000 people within a two-hour drive from Whistler to Hope. Even if 1000 churches miraculously grew to 1000 people, there would still be over 1,700,000 people not yet following Jesus.

We are recalibrating to experiment with innovative yet ancient expressions of being the church and this involves some shifts.

Our city is a lonely and broken city, full of needs. Our ultimate need is Jesus, and we are compelled by the reality that the majority of people don’t know Jesus. People aren’t coming to church, and even if they did, it is not enough.

People grow up in our cities and never have a real Christian friend, never visit a church gathering, and never hear the gospel. This is a problem. This is not the legacy we want to leave. We want people to know the love of Jesus and we want to be a part of that.

If a community of disciples has a network of 300 people, then our region would need 10,000 Gospel Communities shining bright in diverse ways to see the light, beauty, and good news of Jesus actually saturate this region.

That is what we want to participate in.

CityLights is a collective of reproducing disciples and Missional Communities who are owning the mission of Jesus in their context and shining bright to make Jesus known in everyday life because Jesus loves everyone, everywhere.