Our aim is to multiply disciples who make Jesus known in everyday life. As this occurs, we will see Gospel Saturation increase as more disciples join Jesus in saturating our region with his lighty, beauty, and good news.

This discipleship pathway is a process for helping disciples (apprentices of Jesus) mature and multiply.  Jesus invites you to join him in what he is doing and we would love to help.
As you engage with CityLights, we invite you to use the Discipleship Pathway as a map. Let's figure out where you are on the journey and identify your next steps as a disciple who is maturing and multiplying.
Step One is an invitation to experience CityLights. It's an opportunity to share our mission, values and history and to explore what it would it look like to come together to engage in the life of our church. Register below and we will contact you when the next Step One is going to begin.
Step Two is a deeper dive into CityLights foundations. This cohort is designed to help you grow as a disciple of Jesus. The focus is on establishing disciple-making rhythms in your everyday life. The aim is not knowledge-based discipleship but obedience-based discipleship.  More than merely learning new content, we want to take new steps of faith-filled obedience. Register below and we will contact you when the next Step Two is going to begin.